His Mercy Children center and Outreach

We shall over come!!

We help the most destitute children, the poorest among the poor

The children we serve in Africa Uganda have no family to turn to, and nowhere else to go. They are orphaned, lonely, sick, and without hope. Sometimes babies are left at our orphanages doorsteps. They are taken in and provided with shelter, food, education, and healthcare. We help provide them with a secure and loving home. We help prepare them for life by teaching them life-skills and self-reliance at an early age. Our goal is to help them reach their highest potential and be responsible citizens.

For Offline DONATIONS, We kindly ask you to find the nearest
WESTERN UNION Outlet near you and tell them that you are sending
Support to

 Martin Male in Kampala, Uganda

+256 (0) 781 577 939

They will give you a MTCN Number, Test Question and Answer
that you will send to us to be able to receive it. You can help make
a difference with every DONATION.

Thank you and God bless you .