His Mercy Children center and Outreach

We shall over come!!

About Us

Our Mission

We rescue, love and care for orphans and impoverished children.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a permanent home for them where foster parents will be able to offer them guidance as their pursue their education and get established in life.

Till every child has got a bosom to lean on, food to eat, shelter to house them, clothes to wear, education for a future and an environment to nurture them for godliness and communal responsibility.

Why We Should Care

Why should you and I care about orphans? At His Mercy Children Orphanage, we follow the biblical directive to rescue, love and care for orphans. We believe that when we do, we are following Christ's commandment and are acting as His hands and feet. We believe it is not just the responsibility of those who are called to full-time ministry to be concerned for orphans, but that it is the responsibility of all believers and Christ-followers.

We hope that you will choose to find a way to bring hope, care and love to orphans, whether it's in your community or across the globe. Your involvement, at whatever level, will make a difference.

What We Do

At His Mercy Children Orphanage, we maintain a total-health approach to orphan care that not only provides for daily needs, but that provides for the development of a child's whole being - physically, spiritually, emotionally and academically. We believe in well-rounded care; that by tending to all the needs of a child, he/she will grow in love and become prepared, ultimately, to someday leave our four walls, become healthy contributors in their community, and share that love and care with others.